Dota Underlords Wiki
Icon Name Tier Type Description
Blight stone icon.png Blight Stone 1 Offensive icon.png Offensive
Chainmail icon.png Chainmail 1 Defensive icon.png Defensive
Claymore icon.png Claymore 1 Offensive icon.png Offensive
Cloak icon.png Cloak 1 Defensive icon.png Defensive
Embarrassment of riches icon.png Embarrassment of Riches 1 Global icon.png Global
Gloves of haste icon.png Gloves of Haste 1 Offensive icon.png Offensive
Soul sucking syphon icon.png Soul Sucking Syphon 1 Global icon.png Global
Strange bedfellows icon.png Strange Bedfellows 1 Global icon.png Global
Tranquil Boots 1
Unstable Reactor 1
Vitality Booster 1
Aegis of the Immortal 2
Age of Chivalry 2
Arcane Boots 2
Blade Mail 2
Blink Dagger 2
Brooch of the Aggressor 2
Completing the Cycle 2
Coordinated Assault 2
Fall From Grace 2
Forged in Battle 2
Indomitable Will 2
Mask of Madness 2
Octarine Essence 2
Silver Lining 2
Smuggler 2
Summoning Stone 2
Tooth and Claw 2
Unstoppable 2

Tier Three[]

Tier Four[]

Tier Five[]

Removed item[]

Change logs[]

June 25, 2019

June 21, 2019

  • PC: Flash your window when you're alt tabbed and a new round starts or items selection shows up.

June 20, 2019

  • Fixed combined hero and item acquire notifications not rendering.