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This template is used to create inline, text-sized icons.




This template may be called using the following shorthands: {{II|name|link}} and {{ii|name|link}}. The shorthands are functionally identical to this template.


first parameter 
Name of item, required. This parameter defines the page to which the image should link, and generates the filename of the image, using the format <name> icon.png. For uploading new files for the purposes of this template, the filename must be all lowercase except for the first letter, and must be in PNG format.
second parameter 
Page link, optional. By default, the icon image will link to the page indicated by the first parameter name. In the event that the page you wish to link to does not coincide with the filename naming convention, you may include this second parameter to direct it to a different page.

Predefined Items

Shorthand versions of this template exist for several core items, as follows: