Dota Underlords Wiki

Status effects are special conditions that can be applied onto units through a variety of ways.


Break icon.png The unit's passive effects from abilities and items disabled.

Break does not disable Alliance bonus effects.

Break does not disable an Underlord's passive ability.

Sources of Break
Doom mini icon.png Doom Doom icon.png Doom
Shadow demon mini icon.png Shadow Demon Demonic purge icon.png Demonic Purge
Viper mini icon.png Viper Nethertoxin icon.png Nethertoxin
Void spirit mini icon.png Void Spirit Void elemental icon.png Void Elemental
Silver edge icon.png Silver Edge


Disarm icon.png The unit cannot attack. The unit can still cast spells.

Sources of Disarm
Magus Magus ii.png Alliance bonus
Slark mini icon.png Slark Pounce icon.png Pounce
Spirit bear mini icon.png Spirit Bear Entangling claws icon.png Entangling Claws
Storm spirit mini icon.png Storm Spirit Storm elemental icon.png Storm Elemental
Heaven's halberd icon.png Heaven's Halberd


Fire icon.png The unit loses 2.5% of their Max Health every second. This effect is not lethal if applied by an ally.

Sources of Fire
Hobgen mini icon.png Hobgen Hobgen passive icon.png Hobgen Passive
Implosion icon.png Implosion
Shockwave icon.png Shockwave
Batrider mini icon.png Batrider Sticky napalm icon.png Sticky Napalm
Ember spirit mini icon.png Ember Spirit Fire elemental icon.png Fire Elemental
Lina mini icon.png Lina Laguna blade icon.png Laguna Blade
Snapfire mini icon.png Snapfire Mortimer kisses icon.png Mortimer Kisses
Spectre mini icon.png Spectre 3star.png Spectre 3 Star Effect


Hexed icon.png The unit is turned into a chicken or other useless creature and cannot attack or cast spells.

Sources of Hex
Shadow shaman mini icon.png Shadow Shaman Mass serpent ward icon.png Mass Serpent Ward
Scythe of vyse icon.png Scythe of Vyse


Poison icon.png Poisoned units take 15 physical damage per second and healing is reduced by 15% for 5 seconds. Poison effects can stack up to 5 times.

Sources of Poison
Enno mini icon.png Enno Dr. enno's soothing balm icon.png Dr. Enno's Soothing Balm
Death spin icon.png Death Spin
All out attack! icon.png All Out Attack!
Poisoner Poisoner ii.png Alliance bonus
Dragon knight mini icon.png Dragon Knight Elder dragon form icon.png Elder Dragon Form
Plague ward mini icon.png Plague Ward Poison sting icon.png Poison Sting
Viper mini icon.png Viper Corrosive skin icon.png Corrosive Skin


Root icon.png The unit cannot move. The unit can still attack and cast spells if valid targets are in range.

Sources of Root
Pudge mini icon.png Pudge Meat hook icon.png Meat Hook
Spirit bear mini icon.png Spirit Bear Entangling claws icon.png Entangling Claws
Viper mini icon.png Viper Nethertoxin icon.png Nethertoxin


Silence icon.png The unit cannot cast spells.

Sources of Silence
Demon Demon ii.png Alliance bonus
Earth spirit mini icon.png Earth Spirit Geomagnetic grip icon.png Geomagnetic Grip
Earth elemental icon.png Earth Elemental
Doom mini icon.png Doom Doom icon.png Doom
Disruptor mini icon.png Disruptor Static storm.png Static Storm
Bloodthorn icon.png Bloodthorn
Mask of madness icon.png Mask of Madness
Target buddy icon.png Target Buddy


Stun icon.png The unit cannot move, attack, or cast spells. Getting stunned will interrupt attacks and spells.

Sources of Stun
Anessix mini icon.png Anessix Summon demonic golem icon.png Summon Demonic Golem
Chaos knight mini icon.png Chaos Knight Chaos bolt icon.png Chaos Bolt
Enno mini icon.png Enno Escape artist icon.png Escape Artist
All out attack! icon.png All Out Attack!
Faceless void mini icon.png Faceless Void Chronocube icon.png Chronocube
Hobgen mini icon.png Hobgen Shockwave icon.png Shockwave
Kunkka mini icon.png Kunkka Ghostship icon.png Ghostship
Magnus mini icon.png Magnus 3star.png Magnus 3 Star Effect
Medusa mini icon.png Medusa Stone gaze icon.png Stone Gaze
Mirana mini icon.png Mirana Sacred arrow icon.png Sacred Arrow
Spirit breaker mini icon.png Spirit Breaker Charge of darkness icon.png Charge of Darkness
3star.png Spirit Breaker 3 Star Effect
Slardar mini icon.png Slardar 3star.png Slardar 3 Star Effect
Tidehunter mini icon.png Tidehunter Ravage icon.png Ravage
Tusk mini icon.png Tusk Walrus punch icon.png Walrus Punch
Wraith king mini icon.png Wraith King Wraithfire blast icon.png Wraithfire Blast
Skull basher icon.png Skull Basher

Other Effects[]

These effects are not listed in the in-game glossary, but do exist as a result of some abilities and items.


The unit cannot move or attack but can still cast spells.

Sources of Freeze
Crystal maiden mini icon.png Crystal Maiden Frostbite icon.png Frostbite


The effected unit is completely immune to all status effects and damage.

Sources of Invulnerability
Magus Magus ii.png Alliance bonus
Spirit Spirit ii.png when Triangular Attack is performed
Ember spirit mini icon.png Ember Spirit Sleight of fist icon.png Sleight of Fist
Puck mini icon.png Puck Phase shift icon.png Phase Shift
Storm spirit mini icon.png Storm Spirit Ball lightning icon.png Ball Lightning
Void spirit mini icon.png Void Spirit Dissimilate icon.png Dissimilate
Eul's scepter icon.png Eul's Scepter

Spell Immunity[]

The effected unit is immune to all spells.

Sources of Spell Immunity
Alchemist mini icon.png Alchemist 3star.png Alchemist 3 Star Effect
Juggernaut mini icon.png Juggernaut Blade fury icon.png Blade Fury
Lifestealer mini icon.png Lifestealer 3star.png Lifestealer 3 Star Effect
Windranger mini icon.png Windranger 3star.png Windranger 3 Star Effect
Black king bar icon.png Black King Bar


Undying icon.png The unit persists despite having zero health. The unit can still attack, cast spells, and gain Mana from non-damaging sources. The unit cannot be targeted.

Sources of Undying
Dazzle mini icon.png Dazzle 3star.png Dazzle 3 Star Effect
Vesture of the tyrant icon.png Vesture of the Tyrant