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Spirit Spirit ii.png is an alliance in Dota Underlords.

Alliance bonus[]

Spirit bonus 1.png When a Spirit casts an ability they enter a charged state. When 3 Spirits are in a charged state they perform the forbidden technique of the triangular Delta Slam, each dealing 130 magic damage to all enemies caught inside and applying their elemental effects for 1.5 seconds. Damage and effect duration are multiplied by 1.5 at 2* and 2 at 3*


  • When executing a triangular Delta Slam, the 3 effected Spirits will first teleport to a different cell.
  • All enemies within the boundaries of the triangle, as well as all enemies within a cell that the triangle's borders pass through, will be effected by the triangular Delta Slam.
  • Spirits do not gain mana from damage they deal during a Delta Slam.
  • The algorithm for the positioning of the Delta Slam is described as follows.[1]

We pick two of the four sides of the board and select a random position along the edge, ignoring corners. Then we pick one of the two remaining edges at random. For every open, non-corner spot along that edge we test how many enemies would be caught in the resulting triangle between the three spirits. Then we grab the spot that has the most hits and we execute the move. We iterated towards this method in order to get something that’s almost guaranteed to hit enemies but also still has some variance in it.

  • Units at 2 stars deal 195 damage and apply their effect for 2.25 seconds.
  • Units at 3 stars deal 260 damage and apply their effect for 3 seconds.


Earth Spirit portrait icon.png
Spirit icon.png Warrior icon.png
Earth Spirit
Ember Spirit portrait icon.png
Spirit icon.png Assassin icon.png Swordsman icon.png
Ember Spirit
Storm Spirit portrait icon.png
Spirit icon.png Mage icon.png
Storm Spirit
Void Spirit portrait icon.png
Void icon.png Spirit icon.png
Void Spirit

Change logs[]

September 04, 2020 Patch
  • The damage and effect duration a Spirit hero does during a Delta Slam now varies by their star level.
  • Base damage changed from 200 to 130
  • Base effect duration changed from 3.0 to 1.5
  • 2 star multiplier is 1.5x (damage 195, duration 2.25)
  • 3 star multiplier is 2x (damage 260, duration 3.0)

May 14, 2020 Patch

  • Undocumented changes
    • Damage per Spirit during Delta Slam changed from 225 to 200

March 05, 2020 Patch

  • Spirit units no longer gain mana from damage they deal during a Delta Slam.

February 03, 2020 Patch

  • Fixed an issue where units not on the ground could be counted for Delta Slam targeting.

January 24, 2020 Patch

  • Delta Slam no longer considers Spiderlings when determining the triangle that damage the most enemies.
  • Fixed Delta Slam not killing Spiderlings.

January 16, 2020 Patch

  • Damage per Spirit during Delta Slam changed from 200 to 225
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