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Ranked is the process through which the system players into opposing for public games. With the exception of bot games

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Rank Points

List of Ranks[]

  1. Upstart
  2. Grifter
  3. Outlaw
  4. Enforcer
  5. Smuggler
  6. Lieutenant
  7. Boss
  8. Big Boss
  9. Lord of White Spire

Each rank badge below Lord of White Spire is further divided into five tiers, indicated by colors and roman numerals.

  • Green I
  • Blue II
  • Red III
  • Pink IV
  • Gold V

Ranked Parties[]

Parties of up to 3 players will be allowed in Ranked multiplayer. If party members do not have the same rank, the highest rank is used for matchmaking. Also, for ranks below Lord of White Spire, the change to your Rank Score after a Ranked multiplayer match uses the following values.

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th
Party of 2 +88 +63 +33 0 -33 -63 -88 N/A
Party of 3 +75 +50 +15 - 15 -50 -75 N/A N/A

Note that these tables do not extend to 8th place. That's because for the purposes of Rank Score update, your place is calculated relative only to non-party members. For example, if two friends party up and the first friend to be eliminated finishes in 4th place overall, his rank would increase by 33.

Lord of White Spire[]

Players who achieve a rank of Lord of White Spire are assigned a number based on their position on the leaderboard of all current active Lords of White Spire. The leaderboard is updated once every hour, and position is determined by the players Rank Score at that time.

To appear on the leaderboard, players in Lord of White Spire must have played 5 ranked matches in the last 5 days. Players who have not played 5 ranked matches in the last 5 days will not appear in the leaderboard, though they will maintain their Lord of White Spire rank. In game, their Lord of White Spire badge will have a number of zero.

Rank Score[]

Lords of White Spire Rank Score is updated using standard Elo formula. More details here.

When a player attains Lord of White Spire rank, their Rank Score is adjusted to around 15,000, from the 7,600 that was required to attain Lord of White Spire.

Ranked Parties[]

There are no additional restrictions on partying up in high rank matches. As in lower level play, players in the same party do not affect each others' Rank Score change. Additionally, for the purposes of updating the Lord's Rank Score, players below Big Boss are discarded.

Change logs[]

August 15, 2019 Patch


  • Lords of White Spire Rank Score is now updated using standard Elo formula. More details here.
  • Changed bonus given when attaining Lord of White Spire, such that a new Lord of White Spire lands at around 15,000.
  • Rank Scores of existing Lords of White Spire have been shifted and compressed into the new range in a way that retains existing leaderboard positions.

August 01, 2019 Patch

New Ranked System

  • Rank is now a number you can see that moves up and down in a predictable way.
  • Rank change is based solely on where you finish in a Ranked match and does not depend on your opponents' Rank.
  • Any time you reach the next minor Rank, we also grant bonus rank points.
  • Just like before, once you obtain a major Rank, it's locked in and you cannot drop below it
  • More details and breakdown of rank thresholds here.