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Patch notes

The Hotfix Where We Stop The Jailbreaks


  • Fixed an issue (in most cases) where some users could not start multiplayer or Proto Pass bot games (symptom: loading to the map with no UI). There is still one rare circumstance that we are trying to track down.
  • Fixed an issue where items couldn't be equipped to units.
  • Fixed Jail not updating ingame.
  • Fixed Disruptor mini icon.png Disruptor's Warlock Warlocks ii.png Ace Bonus only working for 4 Warlocks, not 6.
  • Fixed Assassins Assassins ii.png being trapped in Chronocube icon.png Chronocube.
  • Fixed Legion commander mini icon.png Legion Commander not receiving Ace bonuses.
  • Fixed Morphling mini icon.png Morphling not animating.
  • Moved the Brawny Brawny ii.png kill tracker from unit status to the alliance tooltip.
  • Fixed Tap To Move on mobile.
  • Fixed alliance tooltip window being too small for some alliance descriptions.
  • Further Radeon fixes.
  • Fixed incorrect team names on match intro screen in Duos.
  • Added an option to disable hero icons on healthbars.
  • Underlord ability tooltips now show cooldowns.
  • Added back the preview (board flip) button.
  • Misc UI fixes.