Dota Underlords Wiki

Patch notes

Update 1

This Hotfix Escaped Jail


  • We ran out of crash jokes, so we just fixed crashes instead.
  • Fixed a crash while spectating Duos.
  • Fixed a crash while dragging an item to a unit.
  • Fixed an issue with Ace units escaping from jail.
  • Hobgen mini icon.png Hobgen:
    • Friendly Fire damage is halved for units not in the cell the bomb hits.
    • Drain Bomb amount increased 25->50.
    • Fixed Kaboom not setting enemies on fire after death.
    • Fixed Feedback Loop not giving the unit that cast the ability credit for the damage.
  • Clarified Io mini icon.png Io's Tether ability description. Io can only tether to heroes.
  • Fixed an issue where Treant's Leech Seed would jump to Spiderlings.
  • Fixed an issue where Brute Brute ii.png could still brutalize targets despite being Broken.
  • Fixed some missing lore.
  • Added some extra time onto the end of combat so all players, even the last to finish combat, get a few seconds to play with their board before the next round starts.
  • Fixed an issue with alliance icons in the place-on-board FX being outdated.
  • Fixed a performance issue on iOS.
  • Fixed an issue with some item images rendering in low quality.
  • Fixed an issue where talent tooltips on the scoreboard were broken.
  • Tweaked leaderboard location of health and gold.

Update 2

Sorry For Dragging Out This Hotfix


  • Fixed dragging units on the board being broken.
  • Turns out fixing crashes doesn't fix the crashes those crashes had crashed. Those are now fixed too. Duos spectating is good now.
  • Improved dragging targeting.
  • Hide "Send to Teammate" button if unit can't be sent (Target Buddy is yours forever).
  • Tweak health bar size, especially on low resolution phones.
  • Hobgen: Adjusted timing of Friendly Fire so bomb damage is done when the bomb lands, not when it's launched.
  • Fixed an issue where Faceless void mini icon.png Faceless Void wouldn't get the Ace appearance bonus in the shop when you have Assassins Assassins ii.png alliance.
  • Mobile: Require two-finger touch to tilt the camera.
  • Minor UI tweaks.
  • Added a toggle in Audio Settings for playing speech when Underlords cast abilities.
  • Improved mobile UI performance.
  • Attempt to fix black text for users with Radeon graphics cards.
  • Bots don't Spam That Thanks Button in Duos anymore.

Update 3

The Itemized Hotfix


  • Fixed an issue with dragging items on mobile (when Android and iOS stores approve).
  • Fixed an issue resulting in reduced shields with the new Knight Knight ii.png alliance (included, but not patchnoted) in the Big Update. Knights only get their additional shielding when attacked from the side or front, not from behind.
  • Added Rulebook button to the shop.
  • Further healthbar tweaks.
  • Always display Duos team name on the Underlord panel.
  • Further UI improvements, including considerable improvement to 4:3 aspect ratio (i.e. iPads).
  • Fixed an issue with barricades in Freestyle causing a crash.
  • Mobile performance improvements.

Update 4

The Hotfix In Which We Undamage Damage


  • Fixed an issue with the damage meters on PC where the scrollbar could hide some numbers.
  • Fixed multiplayer and proto-pass bot matches on old clients (including the only active iOS client).