Patch notes


  • Removed Summon Units challenge.
  • Fixed an issue where some abilities that preferred the unit's current target (e.g. Slardar mini icon.png Slardar's Corrosive haze icon.png Corrosive Haze) could be cast outside their maximum range.
  • Fixed an issue where Tusk mini icon.png Tusk could punch something so hard it never returned to earth.
  • Added a new Notice animation for Tiny mini icon.png Tiny.

Hero changes

Lycan mini icon.png Lycan:

  • Shapeshift icon.png Shapeshift:
    • Fixed an issue where Lycan was healing too much on shift.

Slardar mini icon.png Slardar:

  • Corrosive haze icon.png Corrosive Haze:
    • Will no longer be cast again on a target currently affected by it.

Venomancer mini icon.png Venomancer:

  • Venomous gale icon.png Venomous Gale:
    • While Venomancer still only targets units within his attack range (3 cells), the actual Gale projectile travels up to 5 cells.
    • Projectile damage increased to [30, 60, 120] from [25, 50, 100].

Viper mini icon.png Viper:

Item changes

Big-time contract icon.png Big-Time Contract:

  • Players can only have a maximum of 1 of this item now.


Savage Savage ii.png :

  • Changed to: Allied Savage units gain +[4, 8, 15] Attack Damage each time they land an attack on an enemy. This replaces the bleed effect that would be applied each time they landed an attack.
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