Dota Underlords Wiki

Patch notes


  • Made the game much more memory efficient, noticeably decreasing crashes on 2GB iOS devices.
  • Fixed opponent selection during a match not being sufficiently random (especially noticeable in Duos).
  • Fixed an issue where tilting the camera could, in some circumstances, cause bench units to disappear on mobile.
  • Fixed alliance pip displays sometimes being wrong when shifting units around during prepare phase.
  • Updated District Complete flow in City Crawl.
  • UI performance improvements.
  • Improved UX of the progress popup.
  • Fixed showing an (invalid string) version of the Has Available Objectives button if there are, in fact, no available objectives.
  • Fixed an issue with purchasing on iOS regarding Parental Controls. Added extra logging to support finding and fixing any further issues.
  • Fixed unit info panel using the wrong models for Target Buddy and Barricade contraptions if you've equipped a reward for them.
  • Fixed Hobgen's, Enno's, and Jull's victory dance reward when wearing skin rewards.
  • Fixed "Equip" button sometimes not working on the reward popup.
  • Fixed "Invalid" overlapping the Hardcore XP bot difficulty selection in some cases.
  • Improved sell/send unit UI region sizing on 4:3 mobile displays. Should prevent it overlapping the board and causing spurious sales.
  • Fixed an issue with dragging items displaying wrong UI while a unit is selected.
  • Fixed some typos in newspaper headlines.
  • Various sound improvements.

Underlord Changes

  • Hobgen mini icon.png Hobgen:
    • Friendly fire icon.png Friendly Fire:
      • Explosions do full damage to all cells in the blast area (was: full damage in center cell, half damage in surrounding cells).

Hero Changes

  • Bloodseeker mini icon.png Bloodseeker:
    • Bloodrage icon.png Bloodrage:
      • Bonus Attack Speed changed from 500 to 300
      • Target health at which Bloodseeker reaches maximum bonus Attack Speed changed from [25, 30, 35] to 30
  • Earth spirit mini icon.png Earth Spirit:
    • Geomagnetic grip icon.png Geomagnetic Grip:
      • Cooldown changed from [20, 18, 16] to 8
  • Io mini icon.png Io:
    • Tether icon.png Tether:
      • Tethers no longer snap when Io is Break icon.png broken. However, the tether target will not gain any benefit from the tether if the target itself is Break icon.png broken.
  • Legion commander mini icon.png Legion Commander:
    • Duel icon.png Duel:
      • Both Legion Commander and her target cannot receive healing while the Duel is active.
  • Shadow shaman mini icon.png Shadow Shaman:
    • Maximum Mana changed from 100 to 70
    • Mass serpent ward icon.png Mass Serpent Ward:
      • Cooldown changed from 60 to 20
      • Mana Cost changed from 100 to 70
      • Shadow Shaman will try to target an enemy, and position wards, such that all 4 wards can be summoned.
      • Ward Maximum Health changed from [300, 400, 500] to [360, 480, 600]
  • Tusk mini icon.png Tusk:
    • Walrus punch icon.png Walrus Punch:
      • Can still be cast while Tusk is Break icon.png broken.

Item Changes

  • Quelling blade icon.png Quelling Blade:
    • Will not target summons outside of the carrying unit's attack range.

Alliance Changes

  • Primordial Primordial ii.png:
    • Will try to spawn Eidolons up to 2 cells away if nearby cells are occupied.
  • Void Void ii.png:
    • Added 0.5 second cooldown to damage proc. Now the extra pure damage can not proc more frequently than once every 0.5 seconds, regardless of how quickly the unit is attacking.