Dota Underlords Wiki

Patch notes


  • Improved sprays. In addition to the keybind, improve the spray button and considerably improve spray animation FX and quality.
  • Fix snowperson scaling.
  • Further objective fixes.
  • Fixed a rare instance where the client could display incorrect information about which unit would be sold if a bench unit needed to be sold to free up room on combat start.

Hero Changes

  • Bloodseeker mini icon.png Bloodseeker:
    • Bloodrage icon.png Bloodrage:
      • Now reads: As Bloodseeker's enemy's health drops, he gains attack speed, up to a maximum of 500 at [25, 30, 35]% health. Whenever Bloodseeker kills a target, he regains 35% of their max health.
  • Broodmother mini icon.png Broodmother:
    • Spawn spiderlings icon.png Spawn Spiderlings:
      • Broodmother now prefers to cast Spawn Spiderlings on her current target.
  • Dragon knight mini icon.png Dragon Knight:
    • Breathe fire icon.png Breathe Fire:
      • Cooldown changed from [10, 8, 6] to [7, 6, 5]
      • Duration changed from 6 to 4
      • Mana Cost changed from 100 to 50
  • Earth spirit mini icon.png Earth Spirit:
    • Geomagnetic grip icon.png Geomagnetic Grip:
    • Will now cast even if the target is magic immune.
  • Lich mini icon.png Lich:
    • Chain frost icon.png Chain Frost:
      • Bounces changed from [6, 9, 12] to [7, 10, 13]
      • Bounce Range changed from 2 to 3

Alliance Changes

  • Savage Savage ii.png:
    • The Savage alliance bonus now applies to [All allied Savage units, All allied Savage units and all allied summons of any alliance, All allied units]
    • Bonus Attack Damage per Attack changed from [5, 6, 10] to [5, 7, 10]
  • Spirit Spirit ii.png:
    • Spirit units no longer gain mana from damage they deal during a Delta Slam.
  • Vigilant Vigilant ii.png:
    • Whenever an enemy unit casts a spell and is targeted by the Vigilant alliance, the first attack from each unit due to that targeting change does 50% more damage.