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Mana is a resource that units spend to cast abilities. All units passively generate mana for themselves by using primary attacks or taking damage. Some items also produce mana. Most other effects do not generate mana.

Passive mana gain[]


Attacking grants damage ÷ 7.5 mana, capped at 10. Warlocks Warlocks ii.png and Mages Mages ii.png gain twice as much, capping at 20.

As a result, increasing a unit's physical damage beyond 75 does not increase its mana gain.

Taking damage[]

Taking damage grants damage ÷ 9.5, capped at 75.

Since the amount of mana gained per damage taken is similar to that of mana gained by attacking, increasing a unit's physical damage beyond 75 will increase the opponent's mana generation while not increasing your own.



Unit Ability Description
Anti-mage mini icon.png Anti-Mage Mana break icon.png Mana Break Burns target's mana on attack.


Alliance Description
Human Human ii.png Periodically generates mana for all allies.


Item Description
Arcane boots icon.png Arcane Boots Restores mana to nearby friendly units.
Blink dagger icon.png Blink Dagger Equipped hero gains mana after using it.
Diffusal blade icon.png Diffusal Blade Burns target's mana on attack.
Eul's scepter icon.png Eul's Scepter Equipped hero gains mana per second.
Refresher orb icon.png Refresher Orb Restores mana to the caster.
Scythe of vyse icon.png Scythe of Vyse Equipped hero gains mana per second.
Void stone icon.png Void Stone Equipped hero gains mana per second.

Other sources[]

Though damage from most items and abilities do not generate any mana for the user, there are a few exceptions. The following effects increase the amount of attack damage dealt by the user and will increase mana gain for low attack values as a result:

Source Description
Batrider mini icon.png Batrider Sticky napalm icon.png Sticky Napalm Bonus magical damage from Sticky Napalm.
Skull basher icon.png Skull Basher The bonus damage when the stun procs.
Demon Demon ii.png Alliance bonus The extra pure damage from the Alliance bonus.