Dota Underlords Wiki

Patch notes

Update 1

Mid-Week Update

  • Enabled Tutorial.
  • More improvements to PC UI and styling.
  • Tweaked default camera positions and angles. Also added sliders to the Game Settings UI to tweak these two further.
  • Tweaked the time bodies stay on the board before sinking.
  • More work on DPS meter design.
  • Victorious units now celebrate for longer before returning to their starting positions.
  • More music has been added to the game.
  • Play at your own pace will pause the clock when selecting items after a Loot Round.
  • Fixed Font of creation icon.png Font of Creation Eidolon's doing damage to the player on a loss.
  • Unit AI now knows about formations: If other units provide benefits for standing in range, the AI will attempt to move to those cells and attack from there.
  • Knights Knight ii.png will now try to stay in formation with other Knights.
  • Units will now try to stay in formation with Trolls Troll ii.png if the player has Coordinated assault icon.png Coordinated Assault.
  • Units will now try to stay in formation with Warlocks Warlocks ii.png if the player has Soul sucking syphon icon.png Soul Sucking Syphon.
  • Added a friend code system to the Friend panel.
  • Added colourblind mode for Healthbars.
  • Adjusted shop reroll mechanic to mitigate duplicates.
  • When finding an enemy, ranged units give higher priority to units closer to them.

Update 2

Mid-Week Update II: We are the Updatelords

  • Enabled Ranked Play: We are enabling this today for a final round of testing. Once Open Beta starts all ranks will be reset.
  • Bot games: Fixed manual advance mode during non-Loot rounds.
  • Unit outlines can now be turned back on via settings.
  • Fixed end game screen not displaying total damage dealt.
  • Fixed Round 1 not playing correctly on the client after you've played a bot match.
  • Fixed Windranger mini icon.png Windranger and Keeper of the light mini icon.png Keeper of the Light interrupting their abilities if their target died.
  • Fixed Venomancer mini icon.png Venomancer's Ward growing legs and walking towards a friendly aura.
  • Slightly smaller item icons during prepare phase on PC, with rank above item icons in case they overlap.
  • Fixed selecting units from the bench not working reliably if you changed the default camera angle.
  • Healthbars are now consistently sized across all resolutions.
  • Notifications for Winning Streaks now have FX.
  • Fixed AI pathfinding issues when traveling towards a friendly aura.