Dota Underlords Wiki

Patch notes


  • Fixed an issue where the challenge would not load correctly when first opening the Early Bird after a new week releases.
  • Increased number of each Tier 3 hero in the pool from 15 to 18.
  • Fixed issue with current Picross puzzle where it had multiple solutions and required guessing.

Hero changes

Luna mini icon.png Luna:

  • 3star.png Luna 3 Star Effect (Eclipse):
    • Beam Damage changed from 200 to 150

Omniknight mini icon.png Omniknight:

  • Purification icon.png Purification
    • At three stars, Purification now has a 2-cell radius instead of 1 cell.

Pudge mini icon.png Pudge:

  • At three stars, Pudge becomes a Flesh Heap. Pudge gains 500 Max HP and 10% Magic Resistance each time an enemy dies within 1 cell of him.

Snapfire mini icon.png Snapfire:

  • Mortimer kisses icon.png Mortimer Kisses
    • Damage changed from [100, 150, 200] to [50, 80, 150]

Viper mini icon.png Viper:

  • At three stars, Viper performs a Viper Strike every 5 attacks. The enemy unit takes 250 damage per second and loses 80% move speed and 80 Attack Speed, with the slowing tapering off over the 3 second duration.

Alliance changes

Brawny Brawny ii.png:

  • Changed Health bonus from [15, 30] per kill to vary by star level of the Brawny unit. 1 star Brawny units get [5, 10] bonus Health per kill; 2 star units get [10, 20] bonus Health per kill; and 3 star units get [20, 40] bonus Health per kill.