Dota Underlords Wiki

Patch notes


  • Fixed a bug with Mirana mini icon.png Mirana where she would fail during cast if Root icon.png rooted. Now when rooted she will still fire her arrow but will not leap.
  • Fixed an issue where Vigilant Vigilant ii.png units would have their targeting break if an enemy cast an ability while the Vigilant unit was leaping (Mirana mini icon.png Mirana, Templar assassin mini icon.png Templar Assassin, others if thrown into the air).
  • Fixed a bug with Enthralled Legion commander mini icon.png Legion Commander where Legion Commander's Champion Champion ii.png bonus would be based on her new crew's number of active Alliances rather than her old crew. Now if her new crew does not have an active Champion alliance already she will use her old crew's number of active Alliances when computing the Champion bonus.
  • Fixed a bug with Kaden's blade icon.png Kaden's Blade FX where the FX would trigger on multiple units at once. (This bug was caused when the issue causing Kaden's Blade to not generate mana was fixed last Friday).
  • Fixed an issue with Enno mini icon.png Enno's Experimental Growth (Blood-Bound Blood-bound ii placeholder.png Warlocks Warlocks ii.png) Streetfight lacking text.

Underlord changes

Hobgen mini icon.png Hobgen:

  • Let's go crazy icon.png Let's Go Crazy:
    • Will now affect units spawned after Hobgen casts Let's Go Crazy, not just units alive at the time he casts.
  • Friendly fire icon.png Friendly Fire:

Hero changes

Bloodseeker mini icon.png Bloodseeker:

  • 3 Star Effect: Bloodseeker heals when any enemy within 1 cell of him dies, not just his current target. In addition, he gains the Critical Hit chance and bonus of the current active level of Assassin Assassins ii.png Alliance, if any.

Bristleback mini icon.png Bristleback:

  • 3 Star Effect: Quill Spray cooldown lowered to 1 second.

Morphling mini icon.png Morphling:

  • 3 Star Effect: Morphling gains the in-combat bonuses of all active enemy Alliances as if he were an enemy Champion Champion ii.png.

Nyx assassin mini icon.png Nyx Assassin:

  • 3 Star Effect: Nyx Assassin also applies Vendetta icon.png Vendetta after every 4 successive attacks. The counter is reset if Vendetta triggers due to teleporting.