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This article is about a feature that was removed from the game.

Jail info.png

Every 24 hours, a number of Heroes are temporarily removed from the pool.

  • Every day 8 to 12 heroes are jailed.
  • Up to 3 heroes from a single alliance can be banned. This means that some days certain alliances won’t be fully completable (this will be displayed in the ingame alliance UI)
  • One Ace will be jailed every day.
  • Heroes from Tiers 1-4 can no longer have more than 1 unit banned over other tiers, for example if there’s 10 jailed heroes, the Jail might might look like this:
    • Tier 1: Two bans
    • Tier 2: Three bans
    • Tier 3: Two bans
    • Tier 4: Two bans
    • Tier 5: One ban (as always).