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This article is about a feature that was removed from the game.

Indomitable Will
Indomitable will icon.png
Ahh there's that famous human spirit. -- Zenok, White Spire Fence
Global icon.png Global
Debuffs last [25%/50%/75%] less time on Human Human ii.png units.

Indomitable Will was a Global icon.png Global item for the Human Human ii.png Alliance in Dota Underlords.


  • You will not be offered more Indomitable Wills once you have two.
  • Multiple instances of Indomitable Will will increase the debuff duration reduction additively.
  • Does not decrease the duration of hex (like Shadow Shaman's) or Tiny's Toss.

Change logs[]

July 19, 2019 Patch

  • Alliance items no longer have an inherent Tier and are in their own Alliance category.
    • Debuff resist changed from 50% to 25%/50%/75%