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This article is about a feature that was removed from the game.

Helm of the Undying
Helm of the undying icon.png
It won't save your life, but it'll help you take someone with you. -- Zenok, White Spire Fence
Defensive icon.png Defensive
Tier Two
+5 Armor. Equipped hero survives for an extra 4.0 seconds after receiving a killing blow.

Helm of the Undying is a Tier Two item in Dota Underlords.

Change logs[]

December 18, 2019 Patch

  • Removed from the game.

November 14, 2019 Patch

  • Fixed an issue where Break would lead to an Undying unit doing end-of-round damage.
  • If a unit with the Helm survives the fight, it won't be killed at the end of the round.

November 07, 2019 Patch

  • As before, Break will prevent a unit with the Helm from entering Undying state. Now, in addition, if the unit is broken after the Helm activates, it will become targetable and killable again.

August 08, 2019 Patch

  • Undying units, if they are in the undying state, will never deal damage to the opponent, but will still count when determining which side won a round.
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