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Healer Healer ii.png is an alliance in Dota Underlords.

Alliance bonus[]

Healer bonus 1.png All friendly healing is amplified by 25%.
Healer bonus 2.png All friendly healing is amplified by 45%.


Dazzle portrait icon.png
Troll icon.png Healer icon.png Poisoner icon.png
Enchantress portrait icon.png
Shaman icon.png Healer icon.png
Omniknight portrait icon.png
Human icon.png Knight icon.png Healer icon.png
Treant Protector portrait icon.png
Shaman icon.png Healer icon.png
Treant Protector

Out of Season Heroes[]

Necrophos portrait icon.png
Heartless icon.png Warlocks icon.png Healer icon.png
Warlock hero portrait icon.png
Blood-bound icon.png Warlocks icon.png Healer icon.png

Change logs[]

April 10, 2020 Patch

  • Heal Bonus Percent changed from [25, 50] to [25, 45]
Player Assassin Assassins ii.png  •  Brawny Brawny ii.png  •  Brute Brute ii.png  •  Champion Champion ii.png  •  Demon Demon ii.png  •  Dragon Dragon ii.png  •  Fallen Fallen ii.png  •  Healer Healer ii.png  •  Heartless Heartless ii.png  •  Human Human ii.png  •  Hunter Hunters ii.png  •  Knight Knight ii.png  •  Mage Mages ii.png  •  Magus Magus ii.png  •  Poisoner Poisoner ii.png  •  Rogue Rogue ii.png  •  Savage Savage ii.png  •  Scaled Scaled ii.png  •  Shaman Shaman ii.png  •  Spirit Spirit ii.png  •  Summoner Summoner ii.png  •  Swordsman Swordsman ii.png  •  Troll Troll ii.png  •  Vigilant Vigilant ii.png  •  Void Void ii.png  •  Warrior Warriors ii.png
Out of Season
or Removed
Demon Hunter Demon Hunters ii.png  •  Elusive Elusive ii.png  •  Inventor Inventors ii.png  •  Scrappy Scrappy ii.png  •  Shaman Shaman ii (old).png  •  Druid Druid ii.png  •  Blood-Bound Blood-bound ii placeholder.png  •  Deadeye Deadeye ii placeholder.png  •  Insect Insect ii.png  •  Primordial Primordial ii.png  •  Warlocks Warlocks ii.png