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Patch notes

A Bristly Hotfix

NOTE: Some of these changes have already rolled out over the previous few days.


  • Fixed Battle Pass purchase issues.
  • Improved client purchase flow, including adding a warning when not signed into Steam.
  • Fixed new default map not being loaded.
  • Working on out-of-memory crash issues on 2GB iOS devices. These should be much more stable than they were.
  • Destroyed a crash involving particle destruction.
  • Performance improvements on low-end devices.
  • Fixed issues with the Reward popup dialogs.
  • Fixed XP rewards from City Crawl not showing properly in the reward popup or animating properly on the bar.
  • Fixed an issue with daily challenges using Protopass values.
  • Fixed Jull's Tier 5 Units challenge.
  • Fixed an issue where Spectate could show up on the Post-Match screen of a bot game.
  • Fixed an issue where private matches could not be started if a saved game existed already in that mode.
  • Numerous other small sound, skin, and UI improvements.


Hero Changes

Item Changes

Alliance Changes

  • Savage Savage ii.png:
    • Bonus Attack Damage per Attack changed from [6, 8, 10] to [5, 6, 10]


Hero Changes