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The week 5 started on June 11, 2020 and ended on June 18, 2020.


Foreign Blood Money

The merchant kingdom of Revtel continues to finance gang war in White Spire

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Wanted: Unslit Throat

Hey guys and gals, thanks for reading - I'm not gonna mince words: I need money. Badly. Like real badly. Like "The Jasper Circle is looking for me" badly. So if you could loan your old pal Meepo 250 gold, I'm sure I can turn that into the 20k I need - I'm due for a win. - Meepo 4

  • Earn 250 Gold from Interest


Meepo's Run Into Hiding As Revtel Leg Breakers Look To Collect

As for anyone who has been paid a visit from the Ravenhooks know, you can only borrow money for so long before people try to collect. However, while normally these issues are settled locally, O'nia has decided to handle things with outside talent. (More on page 6)


Revtel Leg Breakers:


As O'nia Closes Purse Strings, Underlords Need To Do More With Less

Geeta the Wildblade had a saying: "Wars end because people lack resources, not the will to fight." The famed Vigil Knight's words of wisdom seem relevant today as O'nia, the cornerstone of money lending in White Spire, has chosen to refuse to lend out any money until debts are repaid.




The New Hottness
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Hint: Strike First, Strike Hard

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