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The week 3 started on May 28, 2020 and ended on June 04, 2020.


The Female of the Species

Women of White Spire paint the town red

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Wanted: Men Put In Their Place

I'm sick of hearing the boys at The Sundered Moon act like they're the only ones that can kick a little ass. If any ladies want swing by and put these guys in their place I'll be sure to comp your drinks. - Connie, Sundered Moon Day Manager

  • Win 75 rounds with at least one female Hero on your board

The female heroes for this challenge are Broodmother mini icon.png Broodmother, Crystal maiden mini icon.png Crystal Maiden, Drow ranger mini icon.png Drow Ranger, Legion commander mini icon.png Legion Commander, Luna mini icon.png Luna, Medusa mini icon.png Medusa, Mirana mini icon.png Mirana, Queen of pain mini icon.png Queen of Pain, Snapfire mini icon.png Snapfire, Templar assassin mini icon.png Templar Assassin and Windranger mini icon.png Windranger.


Body Count Rises After Drunk Baffoons Ask Anessix To Smile More

Most of us choose to ignore the crude ramblings of inebriated tourists when walking the streets of White Spire... but Anessix is not most people. "First they were all laughin' at her" says Carl the Tailor, "Then the next thing ya know she's ripping out one of their tongues, and that's when I told meself, 'Carl. I think this is not gonna turn out so good for those blokes'"(More on page 2)




Frienemies Unite Over Mutal Disdain For Humanity

It's one of demonic's societies worst kept secret's that Akasha and Anessix can't stand each other. However it would appear that the two demonesses have left their backbiting in the halls of The Court of Ristul to find common cause in White Spire. (more on page 3)





Chibi Deadly
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Hint: Sting like a bee

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