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The Early Bird is a weekly paper that contains the latest news from White Spire, new challenges to complete, and more. The Early Bird feature is available to players who have unlocked the Battle Pass.

Challenges[edit | edit source]

There are three types of challenges: Puzzle, Streetfight and Objective, they work similarly to the City Crawl challenges.

Reward[edit | edit source]

Once all the three challenges are completed, the weekly reward can be claimed.

Headscratcher[edit | edit source]

Headscratchers are nonograms that players can solve just for fun, they are not required for the weekly reward.

Comic[edit | edit source]

The Early Bird includes a comic related to the Dota Underlords universe.

Courier race[edit | edit source]

The courier race is a single player mini-game where players bet gold on one or more couriers and are rewarded gold based on the courier(s)' odds and final placement. Bets can be placed by pressing the gold button next to the courier's name, every time you do so you place +10 gold on that courier. This gold is only used in the courier race and has no relation to the in-game gold.

Early Bird
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