Dota Underlords Wiki

Patch notes

An Update for U and I


  • Completely redesigned the UI flow when pressing the Play button from the dashboard. There's now a new page for selecting the type of match you want to play and what options you want. We're loving it, and we hope you do too!
  • Added more audio cues in Knockout mode when you lose a heart or a player is knocked out.
  • Fixed an issue where item images could fail to appear in the Rulebook.
  • Fixed an issue with the shop button's location overlapping Reroll on some aspect ratios.
  • Fixed Show Scoreboard button on all layouts and aspect ratios.

Hero changes

Void spirit mini icon.png Void Spirit:

  • Dissimilate icon.png Dissimilate:
    • Fixed a bug where the damage dealt was done as Physical. It should be Magical.
    • Display damage type on the ability description window.

The Update In Which We Debuff A Debuff


  • We let the Brutes debuff some crashes.
  • Fix numbers not showing on global item tooltips on the in-game scoreboard.

Hero changes

Disruptor mini icon.png Disruptor:

  • Ace Effect: Instead of increasing number of links per Alliance level, the duration of the link is now increased by 1 second per Alliance level.

Alliance changes

Brute Brute ii.png:

  • Changed damage debuff from [30, 70] to [30, 60]
  • Changed debuff duration from 3 to 4