Dota Underlords Wiki

Damage is any means to reduce players' or units' current health.

Player damage[]

Player damage is the damage dealt to players who lose a round to another player in Standard and Duos modes. Player damage is dealt according to the surviving Heroes, surviving Underlord and round number. Surviving Underlords deal 1 damage before round 30 and 2 after. Round damage starts at 0 and increases by 1 every tenth round. Summons do not deal damage to players.

Damage dealt by Heroes uses the following formula: 1 + (power level / 3)

A Hero's power level is:

  • One star icon.png hero: tier
  • Two star icon.png hero: tier + 2
  • Three star icon.png hero: tier + 4
Player damage by Heroes
One star icon.png Two star icon.png Three star icon.png
Tier One 1 2 2
Tier Two 1 2 3
Tier Three 2 2 3
Tier Four 2 3 3
Tier Five 2 3 4

Hero Damage[]

Physical damage[]

See: Armor

Physical damage is most commonly dealt by all primary melee and ranged attacks. Critical hits and some abilities also deal physical damage.

Physical damage is reduced by the target's armor. If the target's armor value is negative, they will take more physical damage.

Underlords abilities
Enno mini icon.png Enno All out attack! icon.png All Out Attack!
Heroes abilities
Alchemist mini icon.png Alchemist Acid spray icon.png Acid Spray
Beastmaster mini icon.png Beastmaster Wild axes icon.png Wild Axes
Bristleback mini icon.png Bristleback Quill spray icon.png Quill Spray
Dazzle mini icon.png Dazzle Shadow wave icon.png Shadow Wave
Death prophet mini icon.png Death Prophet Exorcism icon.png Exorcism
Ember spirit mini icon.png Ember Spirit Sleight of fist icon.png Sleight of Fist
Kunkka mini icon.png Kunkka 3star.png Kunkka 3 Star Effect
Lifestealer mini icon.png Lifestealer Feast icon.png Feast
Luna mini icon.png Luna Moon glaives icon.png Moon Glaives
Phantom assassin mini icon.png Phantom Assassin Coup de grace icon.png Coup de Grace
Pudge mini icon.png Pudge Meat hook icon.png Meat Hook
Slardar mini icon.png Slardar 3star.png Slardar 3 Star Effect
Snapfire mini icon.png Snapfire Ol' scatterblast icon.png Ol' Scatterblast
Spirit breaker mini icon.png Spirit Breaker Charge of darkness icon.png Charge of Darkness
Tusk mini icon.png Tusk Walrus punch icon.png Walrus Punch
Other sources
Fire icon.png Fire
Poison icon.png Poison

Magical damage[]

Magical damage is a type of damage dealt in combat between units, most commonly by abilities, spells and items.

Magical damage is reduced by the target's magic resistance. If the target's magic resistance value is negative, they will take more magical damage.

Underlords abilities
Enno mini icon.png Enno Death spin icon.png Death Spin
Hobgen mini icon.png Hobgen Implosion icon.png Implosion  •  Shockwave icon.png Shockwave
Heroes abilities
Abaddon mini icon.png Abaddon Aphotic shield icon.png Aphotic Shield
Anti-mage mini icon.png Anti-Mage 3star.png Anti-Mage 3 Star Effect
Batrider mini icon.png Batrider Sticky napalm icon.png Sticky Napalm
Bounty hunter mini icon.png Bounty Hunter Shuriken toss icon.png Shuriken Toss
Chaos knight mini icon.png Chaos Knight Chaos bolt icon.png Chaos Bolt
Crystal maiden mini icon.png Crystal Maiden Frostbite icon.png Frostbite
Dragon knight mini icon.png Dragon Knight Breathe fire icon.png Breathe Fire  •  Elder dragon form icon.png Elder Dragon Form
Earth spirit mini icon.png Earth Spirit Geomagnetic grip icon.png Geomagnetic Grip
Juggernaut mini icon.png Juggernaut Blade fury icon.png Blade Fury
Keeper of the light mini icon.png Keeper of the Light Illuminate icon.png Illuminate
Kunkka mini icon.png Kunkka Ghostship icon.png Ghostship
Lich mini icon.png Lich Frost shield icon.png Frost Shield  •  3star.png Lich 3 Star Effect
Lina mini icon.png Lina Laguna blade icon.png Laguna Blade
Luna mini icon.png Luna 3star.png Luna 3 Star Effect
Magnus mini icon.png Magnus 3star.png Magnus 3 Star Effect
Meepo mini icon.png Meepo Poof icon.png Poof
Mirana mini icon.png Mirana Sacred arrow icon.png Sacred Arrow
Nature's prophet mini icon.png Nature's Prophet Shaman alliance bonus icon.png Shaman Alliance Bonus
Pangolier mini icon.png Pangolier Shield crash icon.png Shield Crash
Puck mini icon.png Puck Illusory orb icon.png Illusory Orb
Queen of pain mini icon.png Queen of Pain Scream of pain icon.png Scream of Pain
Rubick mini icon.png Rubick Fade bolt icon.png Fade Bolt
Shadow demon mini icon.png Shadow Demon Demonic purge icon.png Demonic Purge
Slark mini icon.png Slark 3star.png Slark 3 Star Effect
Snapfire mini icon.png Snapfire Mortimer kisses icon.png Mortimer Kisses
Spectre mini icon.png Spectre Spectral dagger icon.png Spectral Dagger  •  3star.png Spectre 3 Star Effect
Spirit breaker mini icon.png Spirit Breaker 3star.png Spirit Breaker 3 Star Effect
Storm spirit mini icon.png Storm Spirit Ball lightning icon.png Ball Lightning  •  3star.png Storm Spirit 3 Star Effect
Templar assassin mini icon.png Templar Assassin Meld icon.png Meld
Tidehunter mini icon.png Tidehunter Ravage icon.png Ravage
Treant protector mini icon.png Treant Protector Leech seed icon.png Leech Seed
Vengeful spirit mini icon.png Vengeful Spirit Wave of terror icon.png Wave of Terror  •  3star.png Vengeful Spirit 3 Star Effect
Viper mini icon.png Viper Corrosive skin icon.png Corrosive Skin
Void spirit mini icon.png Void Spirit Dissimilate icon.png Dissimilate
Windranger mini icon.png Windranger Powershot icon.png Powershot
Wraith king mini icon.png Wraith King Wraithfire blast icon.png Wraithfire Blast
Dagon icon.png Dagon
Maelstrom icon.png Maelstrom
Radiance icon.png Radiance
Shiva's guard icon.png Shiva's Guard
Skull basher icon.png Skull Basher
Spirit Spirit ii.png

Pure damage[]

Pure damage is a type of damage that cannot be reduced or amplified by Magic Resistance or Armor.

Underlords abilities
Hobgen mini icon.png Hobgen Friendly fire icon.png Friendly Fire
Heroes abilities
Axe mini icon.png Axe Counter helix icon.png Counter Helix
Doom mini icon.png Doom Doom icon.png Doom
Omniknight mini icon.png Omniknight Purification icon.png Purification
Terrorblade mini icon.png Terrorblade 3star.png Terrorblade 3 Star Effect
Viper mini icon.png Viper Nethertoxin icon.png Nethertoxin
Battle fury icon.png Battle Fury
Blade mail icon.png Blade Mail
Demon Demon ii.png
Brute Brute ii.png