This article is about a feature that was removed from the game.

Completing the Cycle
Completing the cycle icon.png
Sometimes, solace can be found in death. -- Zenok, White Spire Fence
Global icon.png Global
Tier Two
When a Druid Druid ii.png dies, allies up to 2 cells away are healed for [3%/5%/7%] of their max health per second for 6 seconds.

Completing the Cycle was a Global icon.png Global item for the Druid Druid ii.png Alliance in Dota Underlords.


  • Multiple instances of Completing the Cycle will increase the heal.

Change logs

July 19, 2019 Patch

  • Alliance items no longer have an inherent Tier and are in their own Alliance category.
    • Heal percentage changed from 5% to 3/5/7% of max health and heal range changed from 1 cell to 2 cells
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