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Little Revtel is one of the four locations in City Crawl.

The Mistress of Secrets Has Arrived

▶️Anessix turned to Little Revtel, and all the money and secrets that reside there.

Her sources are infallible. Her reputation is undisputed. But above all, her motivations remain inscrutable.

Buying Loyalty

  • Send 50 gold to your Duos partner.

▶️Sometimes it pays to give with an open hand... once you've gained somone's loyalty they will follow you into hell.” - In which Anessix espouses the values of friendship

Anessix is the most subtle of the Underlords, slowly building a network of allies who depend on her.

Tooth and Claw

  • Gain 30,000 bonus attack damage with Savage Savage ii.png units.

▶️Savagery is one of our baser insticts, and there is something beautiful about watching people indulge in it so wantonly.” - In which Anessix delights in savagery

For all of her elegance and pomp, Anessix is still at her core a demon. And there is nothing a demon finds more beautiful than humanity unhinged.

She's Got People

  • Summon 300 units.

▶️To control White Spire, I'm going to need to raise quite the army.” - Anessix, Cashing In

The Mistress of Secrets has begun to call in favors not just with her friends... but with the friends of friends.

Tax Day

  • Get 100 kills with Demon Demon ii.png units.

▶️Soul Collecting is obnoxiously cliché, and yet a woman has to the pay the bills somehow.” - Anessix, Living The Stereotype

While Anessix is an Earthbound demon, she still does her best to keep in The Court of Ristul's good graces.

The Gift

  • Heal your units for 300,000 life.

▶️Healing is a simple parlor trick that can get a man indebted to you for life. Master it. Give widely. And watch the recipts come in.” - Anessix, No Humanitarian

Anessix understands that most mortals fear death, and as such are willing to give anything to extend their lives.

When You Stare Into The Void...

  • Deal 20,000 with Void Void ii.png units.

▶️Never underestimate the value of chaos. In chaos people strive to fine order, and in doing so always turn to people like me.” - In which Anessix plans to kick the perverbial hornet's nest

Anessix's stock and trade is secrets... but when people are content there is less to whisper about. And so she seeks to sow discord whenever possible.

Feed The Pets

  • Kill 75 enemy units with summons.

▶️My forces need more training if they are ever expected to provide adequate protection.

Anessix chooses to surround herself with as many disposable people as possible. But disposable doesn't necessarily mean ill-trained.

Ristul Ascendant

▶️Demons are a proud and diverse group of people, and to unite them takes skill and willpower... but if you can pull it off, the fear it sends is palpable.” - In which Anessix prepares her master stroke

Anessix has spent many lifetimes establishing herself with the Court of Ristul. And while she no longer traverses The Abyssm herself, she still has powerful friends she can call on.

Cult of Personality

  • Win 40 rounds with an active Human Human ii.png Alliance.

▶️The humans of White Spire have learned my name and turned to me for power. With each passing day my worshippers grow, and with it my influence.” - Anessix, Has What You Need

Not alot of people have the patience to build a proper cult, but Anessix is willing to invest as much time as need. In time, her followers will be spread all across the city.

Mother of Eidolons

▶️The primordial forces act like they're superior, but they can be controlled as readily as any mortal creature... all you need to do is find out what they want... after that, manipulating them is alarmingly simple.” - In which Anessix bares naked contempt

Some cower before the might of The Fundamentals...but Anessix seeks to walk beside them until she can drive a knife in their back.

Investing In Her Future

▶️Despite the outward appearance, my connection to the Court of Ristul is a bit strained... I try to keep up with my tithes of gold and souls in an effort to stay in their good favor.” - In which Anessix tries to smooth things over with her betters

Demon etiquette is a strange thing. Share too much information and they think you a lackey. Share not enough information and they think you're conspiring against them. As such Anessix does her best to keep her connections strong with The Court.

The Business of Murder

  • Deal 100,000 damage via Critical Strikes.

▶️Assassins are amazing tools. Affordable. Disposable. And delightfuly effective at removing undesireables.” - Anessix, Friend of the Jasper Circle

Anessix was never one to get her hands dirty, and so she often turned to the services of The Jasper Circle.

No Honor Amongst Demons

▶️It's not too late for you swear undying fealty to me...” - In which Anessix gives her rival a second chance

The Court of Ristul is a cutthroat affair, and some rival demons seek to punish Anessix by taking Little Revtel for themselves.

That's The Spirit!

  • Win a match against Spirit Spirit ii.png Brothers to gain control of the district.

▶️Look I get it, it's fun for lesser deities to puff their chests and show superiority to mortals... but I am no mortal, and the Spirit Brothers will regret their transgression.” - Anessix, Immortal Problems

For all their faults the Spirit Brothers, on the whole, are good people, and aren't keen on the idea of White Spire falling into the hands of a demon.

Warlocking Things Down

  • Win a match against Warlocks Warlocks ii.png to gain control of the district.

▶️It's my goal to have a monopoly on magic... the first step of my plan is to get the warlocks in line.” - In which Anessix looks to corner the market

The Sapphire Conclave may look to police magic, but Anessix wants to control it... and that's why she wants to force every caster in the city to be on her payroll.

Queen of the Damned

  • Win a match against Heartless Heartless ii.png to gain control of the district.

▶️The damned are without morals, but not without hierarchy... and I should sit at the top.” - Anessix, Apex Predator

Power only respects power, and for Anessix craves nothing more than respect.

Wokka Wokka!

  • Win a match against Pet Hellbears to gain control of the district.

▶️Grek thinks a couple of his pet hellbears will be enough to slow me down... pathetic.” - Anessix, Not A Fan Of Hellbears

Of all the underlords, no one has more contempt for Grek than Anessix.

Fighting Words

  • Win a match against Blood-Bound Blood-bound ii placeholder.png to gain control of the district.

▶️Ya know Ogre Magi really is too stupid to be a useful thrall, but his refusal to bow to me needs to be addressed.” - In which Anessix feels she's punching below her weight

One of Ogre Magi's heads was quite vocal about what he thought about Anessix during a card game, and rumor of his insults have spread throughout the city, much to Anessix's embarrassment.

The Price of Fame

  • Win a match against Juggernaut and Friends to gain control of the district.

▶️Every day I encounter some would-be hero just begging to throw their lives away in an attempt to stop me.” - In which Anessix tires of predictability

Anessix's rise to prominence in White Spire has raised as many eyebrows as it has swords

When Worlds Collide

  • Win a match against Primordial Primordial ii.png to gain control of the district.

▶️The primordial forces fear what will happens if I gain a foothold here. But no matter, their efforts will fail like all the others.” - Anessix, Force of Nature

Anessix doesn't just seek power on the mortal plane, she wishes for dominance over the primordial one as well.

The Spell Is Broken

  • Win a match against Freed Thralls to gain control of the district.

▶️My thralls are given a good life... but if you spurn my favor and rise against me, I have no choice but to put you down.” - In which Anessix justifies her actions

Enthralling creatures is a great way to engender loyalty until the effect wears off...whoever you charmed is likely to want you dead.


  • Win a match against An Angry Mob to gain control of the district.

▶️People fear me and my ties to the Court of Ristul... frankly I'm shocked that the denizens of White Spire could be so closed minded. If they don't want to do business with a demon they are free to do business with whomever they want, but there's no need to drum up an angry mob.” - Anessix, Put Out Over Pitchforks

Anessix knows the drill: operate in a city long enough and you're bound to attract an angry mob looking to force the demon out.

Corner The Market

  • Win a match against The Competition to gain control of the district.

▶️White Spire is full of competition, but there is only room for one mistress of secrets, and I won't have other soothsayers trying to angle in on my business.” - In which Anessix is not a believer in healthy competition

Anessix likes to position herself as the premiere vendor of magic and secrets, and quickly stamps out anyone that she feels could undercut her business.

Beware The Old Gods

▶️The servant of the flayed twins has his eyes set on me. I would be liar if I didn't say I had concerns.” - In which Anessix is fond of keeping her blood in her body

The Flayed Twins are as enigmatic as they are terrifying... and demons are wise to fear them.

From Foulfell With Love

▶️It would appear that not every demon is thrilled with the fact that I am willing to work alongside mortals as opposed to simply enslaving them. White Spire has no room for Terrorblade's antiquated views.” - Anessix, Progressive Demon

To most mortals, there is no difference between Anessix and the likes of Terrorblade, but in reality there is a world apart between the two - both in terms of methodology as well as philosophy. To say that there is no love lost is an understatement.

Nature's Fury

  • Win a match against Druid Druid ii.png Savage Savage ii.png to gain control of the district.

▶️Let the forest dwellers and their minions try to unseat me. A demon has nothing to fear from the natural world.” - Anessix, More Of A Glamper

Demons are not of this world, and as such the forces of nature instinctively rise against them.

Out On A Rail

  • Win a match against Hired Brutes to gain control of the district.

▶️This isn't the first time I've had to endure crusades against me. I will survive their slings and arrows as I have in ages past.” - Anessix, It Ain't Her First Rodeo

O'nia and Grek weren't interested in directly picking a fight with Anessix... but that didn't stop them from financing mercenaries to attempt to drive her out of town.

J'Muy's Not Her Boy

  • Win a match against Nomad Trolls to gain control of the district.

▶️The Dark Trolls play at being masters of the dead... but their power is nothing compared to my own.” - Anessix, Protesting Too Much

Anessix likes to pretend that her powers are limitless, but the reality is that not even she has dominion over the dead... something that she is reminded of every time she sees The Dark Trolls. And so she is willing to go to great lengths to drive them out of White Spire.

Order in the Court

  • Win a match against Demonic Conspiracy to gain control of the district.

▶️It was bad enough dealing with Enno, Jull, and Hobgen... but now Nevermore is trying to oust me from the Court of Ristul. This is a situation I need to deal with personally.” - In which the walls close in on Anessix

Shadow Fiend has grown weary of Anessix's rise to power, and looks to put her in her place

Red Mist Revenge

  • Win a match against Oglodi to gain control of the district.

▶️The Oglodi are known for their hatred of demons, it was really only a matter of time before Axe came for me... fortunately Axe is also an idiot.” - In which Anessix prepares for the inevitable

Axe willingly detached himself from the rest of the Oglodi people, however even though he spurned the Red Mist and his heritage... he still shares their hatred of demons. So once Axe learned of Anessix's existance, he knew he had to say 'hello'.

Into The Unknown

  • Win a match against Celestials to gain control of the district.

▶️That the heavens are trying to stop me is only a testament of my growing power. Once I deal with the celestials, no one would dare to stand against me ” - Anessix, Seeker of Apotheosis

Anessix does more than stare into the void... she pokes it. Prods it. And is about to find out that such actions have consequences.

Slyrak's Revenge

  • Win a match against Dragons and Dragons to gain control of the district.

▶️When I released my hold over Davion I thought he would understand it was an act of kindness... raising his sword to me in retribution will be the last mistake he makes.” - Anessix, No Good Deed

Davion did not take kindly to being enthralled by Anessix... and so he now, as Slyrak, he leads his dragon allies to extract bloody justice

Anessix's Pawn

▶️Enthralling Davion was a simple affair. Having him successfully slay some dragons was significantly more difficult.” - In which Anessix compels a contractor

Fearing what could happen if nearby dragons ever took a vested interest in White Spire, Anessix took it upon herself to dominate Davion - forcing the famed dragon knight to be her catspaw.


Black dragon mini icon.png Black dragon mini icon.png
Dragon knight mini icon.png
Three star icon.png

Now You See Them...

▶️The spirit brothers seek to contain me... I admire their dedication but loathe their desire to embrace futility.” - Anessix, Spirit's Bane

Many forces had been eyeing Anessix's rise to power with concern - but The Spirit Brothers decided to actually do something about it.


Enemy side of the board
Morphling mini icon.png Blink dagger icon.png
Two star icon.png
Ember spirit mini icon.png Blink dagger icon.png
Two star icon.png
Razor mini icon.png Blink dagger icon.png
Two star icon.png
Storm spirit mini icon.png Blink dagger icon.png
Two star icon.png
Earth spirit mini icon.png Blink dagger icon.png
Two star icon.png
Void spirit mini icon.png Blink dagger icon.png
Two star icon.png

The Servants of The Flayed Twins

▶️Resistance to my reign, while expected, is always a disappointment.” - In which The Court of Ristul has conflict with The Flayed Twins

The Flayed Twins are strange and enigmatic gods... demanding both blood and beauty in equal measure. However something is stirring in Xhacatocatl - and the agents of the twins have taken particular interest in Anessix, and the role she will play in the days to come...


Enemy side of the board
Bloodseeker mini icon.png Divine rapier icon.png
Three star icon.png
Bloodseeker mini icon.png Divine rapier icon.png
Three star icon.png
Bloodseeker mini icon.png Divine rapier icon.png
Three star icon.png

The Healer and The Hunter

▶️Well this is a situation...” - Anessix, Hunted By Terrorblade

Terrorblade's gift and curse is his ability to perceive the outcomes of many realities at once... And something he has seen has driven him to great lengths to murder Anessix.


Enemy side of the board
Io mini icon.png Void stone icon.png
Three star icon.png
Io mini icon.png Void stone icon.png
Three star icon.png
Terrorblade mini icon.png
Three star icon.png
Terrorblade mini icon.png
Three star icon.png



City Crawl Challenge Objective icon.png Free

Summoner's Soiree
Street Fight Item (Tier Two)
Sweet Whispers
She's Just Better Than You
Power Play
Battle Pass XP (300)
Battle Pass XP (300)

City Crawl Challenge Locked icon.png Premium

Demon's Debut
Combat Casting
The Scales Of Injustice
Anessix Buddy
Street Fight Item (Tier Three)
Battle Pass XP (1,000)
Battle Pass XP (600)
Battle Pass XP (300)

Street Fights

City Crawl Challenge Street Fight icon.png Free

Street Fight Item (Tier Four)
Street Fight Item (Tier Three)
Street Fight Item (Tier Three)
Street Fight Item (Tier One)
Not My Problem
Battle Pass XP (1,000)
Battle Pass XP (600)
Battle Pass XP (600)
Battle Pass XP (300)
Battle Pass XP (300)

City Crawl Challenge Locked icon.png Premium

Street Fight Item (Tier Five)
Street Fight Item (Tier Four)
Street Fight Item (Tier Three)
Street Fight Item (Tier Two)
She Woke Up Like This
Anessix Ascendant
Don't Threaten Her With A Good Time
Ristul Operative
Power of the Court
Battle Pass XP (600)


City Crawl Challenge Puzzle icon.png Free

Mixed Messages

City Crawl Challenge Locked icon.png Premium

It Feels So Good
Well. You Tried.
Evil's Never Looked So Adorable
Secret Broker
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