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Patch notes

Introducing a big shakeup on the streets of White Spire as new heroes and old friends/enemies/frenemies join the fray. We've got a lot in store for you this update, everything from a big roster shakeup to new alliances, items, and even a new way to play Standard matches. We've also compressed ranks downward, it's time to show off what you can do with the new lineup! And don't worry Lords, though you may be (temporarily?) Dethroned, we've given you a little keepsake (it will unlock soon after the rank reset).

Note that this is a compatibility-breaking update, so until you download the new client on your mobile device you'll only be matched with other users running the old version too.

Rank reset

Ranks above Grifter are being compressed downwards by one major level and Grifter and all lowered ranks will be reset to the first minor level. For example, if you're a Big Boss I-V, you'll be a Boss I. If you're a Grifter V you're only reset to Grifter I. Lords of White Spire will be reset to Big Boss I.

Classic mode

We've added a Classic Mode option to Standard Casual. Missed those Creep waves and don't want Anessix or Jull to interrupt the nostalgia? Check it out! You can play Classic by turning on the Classic checkbox in the Standard Casual tab on the Play screen or by playing a Private Match in Standard.

New heroes

  • Vengeful spirit mini icon.png Vengeful Spirit: Tier One Heartless Heartless ii.png Fallen Fallen ii.png
    • Ability: Wave of terror icon.png Wave of Terror: Vengeful Spirit lets loose a wicked cry in a straight path, damaging enemy units along the way and reducing their armor.
    • 3 Star Effect: When Vengeful Spirit dies, she damages all enemies nearby.
  • Meepo mini icon.png Meepo: Tier Two Rogue Rogue ii.png Summoner Summoner ii.png
    • Ability: Poof icon.png Poof: Meepo teleports to a random enemy, dealing damage to all adjacent enemy units.
    • Ability: Divided we stand icon.png Divided We Stand: Passive. Whenever Meepo casts an ability, he creates a copy of himself with the same health he currently has. If Meepo or any clone dies, all Meepos die.
    • 3 Star Effect: Clones copy Meepo's item as well.
  • Spirit breaker mini icon.png Spirit Breaker: Tier Two Savage Savage ii.png Brute Brute ii.png
    • Ability: Charge of darkness icon.png Charge of Darkness: Spirit Breaker charges towards a distant enemy, Stun icon.png bashing it and enemies along the way.
    • 3 Star Effect: Spirit Breaker's attacks have a chance of Stun icon.png bashing his target.
  • Spectre mini icon.png Spectre: Tier Three Void Void ii.png Demon Demon ii.png
    • Ability: Spectral dagger icon.png Spectral Dagger: Spectre flings a dagger at an enemy hero, dealing damage and drawing a Shadow Path. Enemies on the path lose Movement and Attack Speed. Spectre runs to attack the target unit and gains massively increased Movement and Attack Speed. While on the path Spectre also gains phasing movement.
    • 3 Star Effect: While Spectre is alive, whenever a Demon Demon ii.png casts a spell all Allied Demons erupt in flames and wreathe their targets in fire, dealing damage in a wide swathe and setting units hit on Fire icon.png fire.
  • Death prophet mini icon.png Death Prophet: Tier Four Heartless Heartless ii.png Fallen Fallen ii.png
    • Ability: Exorcism icon.png Exorcism: Death Prophet sends out evil spirits to roam the battlefield, dealing damage to all enemies they pass through. At the end of the duration, the spirits return to Death Prophet, healing her for a percentage of the damage dealt.
  • Pangolier mini icon.png Pangolier: Tier Four Savage Savage ii.png Swordsman Swordsman ii.png
    • Ability: Shield crash icon.png Shield Crash: Pangolier jumps in the air and slams back into the ground, doing damage to enemies nearby and gaining a reduction to incoming damage based on the number of nearby enemies. After the jump all enemies in attack range focus on Pangolier.
  • Rubick mini icon.png Rubick: Tier Four Mage Mages ii.png Magus Magus ii.png
    • Ability: Fade bolt icon.png Fade Bolt: Rubick creates a powerful stream of arcane energy that jumps between targets, dealing damage and reducing their attack damage.
    • Ability: Spell steal icon.png Spell Steal: Passive. Whenever a nearby enemy casts a spell, Rubick will cast a copy of that spell at his current star level.
  • Wraith king mini icon.png Wraith King: Tier Five Fallen Fallen ii.png Swordsman Swordsman ii.png
    • Ability: Wraithfire blast icon.png Wraithfire Blast: Wraith King sears an enemy with spectral fire, Stun icon.png stunning and damaging them over the duration of the spell.
    • Ability: Raise dead icon.png Raise Dead: Passive. Heroes spawn zombies when they die near Wraith King.

Returning heroes

  • Anti-mage mini icon.png Anti-Mage: Tier One Rogue Rogue ii.png Hunter Hunters ii.png
    • 3 Star Effect: Anti-Mage deals bonus damage during Mana Break if he lowers his target's Mana to 0.
  • Enchantress mini icon.png Enchantress: Tier One Shaman Shaman ii.png Healer Healer ii.png
    • 3 Star Effect: Enchantress gains Untouchable. When attacked, Enchantress has a chance to greatly slow her attacker's Attack Speed.
  • Kunkka mini icon.png Kunkka: Tier Two Human Human ii.png Warrior Warriors ii.png Swordsman Swordsman ii.png
    • 3 Star Effect: Kunkka gains Tidebringer. Every few attacks, Kunkka takes a mighty swing, dealing bonus damage to his target and cleaving nearby enemies.
  • Alchemist mini icon.png Alchemist: Tier Three Brute Brute ii.png Rogue Rogue ii.png Poisoner Poisoner ii.png
    • 3 Star Effect: Alchemist gains Chemical Rage at the start of battle, gaining Attack Speed and becoming Magic Immune for a few seconds.
  • Puck mini icon.png Puck: Tier Three Dragon Dragon ii.png Mage Mages ii.png
    • 3 Star Effect: Illusory orb icon.png Illusory Orb's cooldown is greatly reduced.

New alliances

  • Fallen Fallen ii.png:
    • Units required: [3, 6]
    • When each Fallen unit first dies, allies within 2 cells are healed for 250HP and gain +10% bonus damage to attacks and spells. A Fallen unit can revive [0/1] times per combat, resurrecting with 50% health.
  • Shaman Shaman ii.png:
    • Units required: [2, 4 ,6]
    • When combat starts, a [Small wolf mini icon.png Small Wolf/Wildwing hatchling mini icon.png Wildwing Hatchling/Black dragon mini icon.png Black Dragon] is summoned to help. The creature gains bonus effects based on the Shaman units summoning it and their star levels.
  • Swordsman Swordsman ii.png:
    • Units required: [3, 6]
    • Each Swordsman unit gains +[10/25]% bonus damage for each enemy unit adjacent to it.
  • Rogue Rogue ii.png:
    • Units required: [2, 4]
    • Allied Rogue units gain [20/30]% evasion. Whenever a Rogue unit evades an attack, it gains +[10/20] Attack Damage.
  • Poisoner Poisoner ii.png:
    • Units required: [3]
    • Attacks from Poisoners apply stacks of Poison icon.png Poison. Enemies lose 7 Attack Speed per stack of Poison.
  • Magus Magus ii.png:
    • Units required: [1]
    • Once per battle, when a Magus unit's health drops below 50%, the unit becomes invulnerable and unable to attack for 3 seconds.

New items

  • Craggy coat icon.png Craggy Coat: Tier Three. Equipped hero gains +15 Armor but at the cost of -30 Attack Speed.
  • Heaven's halberd icon.png Heaven's Halberd: Tier Two. +25% Evasion. When equipped hero attacks, Disarm icon.png disarm the target for 3 seconds. (10 second cooldown)
  • Monkey king bar icon.png Monkey King Bar: Tier Four. Equipped hero gains +90 Attack Damage and their attacks cannot miss.
  • Necronomicon icon.png Necronomicon: Tier Three. Whenever equipped hero casts a spell, summon a Brill Bruiser. (Max 2 units alive at once)
  • Paladin sword icon.png Paladin Sword: Tier Two. +25 Attack Damage. Allied healing is increased by 20%.
  • Pirate hat icon.png Pirate Hat: Tier Three. Equipped hero is a Swordsman Swordsman ii.png.
  • Witless shako icon.png Witless Shako: Tier Three. Equipped hero gains +1000 HP but at the cost of gaining 50% less Mana.

Hero changes

  • Lich mini icon.png Lich:
    • Tier changed from 5 to 1.
    • Ability: Frost shield icon.png Frost Shield: Lich applies a shield of ice to a random ally, reducing damage from attacks. While the shield is active, enemy units nearby take damage and lose Movement Speed and Attack Speed.
    • Chain Frost is now unlocked by Lich's 3 Star Effect as a second ability.
  • Slardar mini icon.png Slardar:
    • Tier changed from 2 to 1.
  • Venomancer mini icon.png Venomancer:
    • Now also a Poisoner Poisoner ii.png. Venomancer's attacks now no longer poison if the Poisoner alliance is not active. Plague ward icon.png Plague Ward attacks do still poison however.
  • Legion commander mini icon.png Legion Commander:
    • 3 Star Effect: At the start of a Duel icon.png Duel, any units targeting Legion Commander (other than her Duel partner) will pick other targets.
  • Slark mini icon.png Slark:
    • Tier changed from 4 to 3.
    • 3 Star Effect: Slark gains Dark Pact. After a short delay, Slark sacrifices some of his life blood, purging negative effects and damaging enemies nearby. Slark himself takes some of the damage too.

And various hero balance tweaks.

Alliance changes

  • Brawny Brawny ii.png:
    • Multiplier to Brawny Bonus HP changed from 4x for a 3 Star hero to 3x. ( [1, 2, 4] changed to [1, 2, 3].)
  • Heartless Heartless ii.png:
    • Armor debuff to enemies changed from [4, 8, 15] to [4, 10, 15].
  • Knight Knight ii.png:
    • Base Physical and Magical damage reduction changed from [15, 19, 23] to [15, 20, 25].
    • Bonus Physical and Magical damage reduction changed from [15, 19, 23] to [15, 20, 25].
  • Savage Savage ii.png:
    • Bonus Attack Damage per attack changed from [5, 8, 10] to [5, 8, 13].
  • Troll Troll ii.png:
    • Bonus Attack Speed to non-Troll allies changed from [10, 30] to [15, 30].
  • Warrior Warriors ii.png:
    • Bonus Armor changed from [9, 19] to [10, 20].

Item changes

  • Barricade icon.png Barricade: Gives two placeable barriers to block enemies and reduce ranged attack damage by 50%. Invulnerable and immune to magic.
  • Battle fury icon.png Battle Fury: Cleave Damage changed from 35 to 50%.
  • Blade mail icon.png Blade Mail: Tier changed from 3 to 2. Damage Reflection percentage changed from 30 to 20.
  • Dragon lance icon.png Dragon Lance: Attack Damage changed from 20 to 35.
  • Eul's scepter icon.png Eul's Scepter: Mana per second changed from from 5 to 10.
  • Headdress icon.png Headdress: The equipped hero, and allied units within 1 cell left or right of them at the start of combat, gain +20 health per second.
  • Hood of defiance icon.png Hood of Defiance: The equipped hero, and allied units within 1 cell left or right of them at the start of combat, gain +30% Magic Resistance.
  • Kaden's blade icon.png Kaden's Blade: Damage change from 7% to 9% of target's Max Health.
  • Maelstrom icon.png Maelstrom: Tier changed from 3 to 4. 25% chance on attack to cast chain lightning for 125 damage to 4 targets. Does 50% more damage to summoned units.
  • Pipe of insight icon.png Pipe of Insight: Shield HP changed from 225 to 250. Radius changed from 1 to 2 cells.
  • Vitality booster icon.png Vitality Booster: The equipped hero, and allied units within 1 cell left or right of them at the start of combat, gain +250 Health.
  • Vladmir's offering icon.png Vladmir's Offering: Tier changed from 4 to 5.
  • Void stone icon.png Void Stone: Mana per second changed from 10 to 7.

Rotated out

These heroes are rotated out of the season:

These alliances are rotated out of the season:

These items are rotated out of the season:


  • Heroes with passive abilities but active 3 Star Effect abilities can now be given Mana-related items (Refresher orb icon.png Refresher Orb, Void stone icon.png Void Stone, etc.) when they are 3 star.
  • All items, abilities, and alliances that vary based on game mode show the correct stat in that game mode. This includes Duel Bonus Damage and items and alliances that have kill-count-based effects like Brawny.
  • Fixed a bug with 3star.png Drow Ranger 3 Star Effect Frost Arrows missing FX.
  • Fixed a bug where Tusk mini icon.png Tusk would not pay mana or put Walrus punch icon.png Walrus Punch on cooldown if he lost mana in between starting his attack and landing the Punch.
  • Fixed a bug with the segments on the Shop XP radial display where segment markers would not be properly hidden.
  • Fixed a bug with Jull's Barrels FX where they could disappear too early.
  • Clarified Snapfire mini icon.png Snapfire's Ol' scatterblast icon.png Ol' Scatterblast ability description so it is clear the duration applies at all star levels.
  • Clarified Vanguard icon.png Vanguard description.
  • Other odds and ends.