Dota Underlords Wiki

Patch notes


  • Crashes. You know what they are. You know what we do to them. Well, we did it some more.
  • When a unit is hexed and can't hop away, it now hops in place and doesn't stay hexed indefinitely.
  • Made Steam login work better for mobile players.
  • Fixed several bugs with switching between other players' fights.
  • Clicking on Spectate Player to watch a friend's game will now start you spectating that player when you load into the game.
  • While viewing other player's boards, the Fight Preview Button is now available during all phases, not just the Preparing phase.
  • Alchemist mini icon.png Alchemist Acid spray icon.png Acid Spray FX shows in proper location now.
  • FX updates and optimization.
  • Fixed a bug where the unit selection highlight could show incorrectly.


  • UI can now be toggled between large and small screen separately from cursor/touch input. This means you can run the old "PC" mode UI on tablets, for example, while still having interaction optimized for touch. This also fixes many issues with running the large-screen UI on mobile devices and the small-screen UI on PCs.
  • Party Matches now start through the regular Play button, once a party has formed.
  • Fixed sigils being clipped when more than 6 are unlocked.
  • Fixed alliance tooltips not working correctly while spectating.
  • Fixed leaderboard not working correctly for matches with fewer than 8 players.
  • Improved ability descriptions for Disruptor mini icon.png Disruptor and Nature's prophet mini icon.png Nature's Prophet.
  • Popups now only trigger for changes in major rank, not minor rank.
  • Misc UI fixes and improvements.
  • Localization improvements, including Yos.


  • Lords of White Spire Rank Score is now updated using standard Elo formula. More details here.
  • Changed bonus given when attaining Lord of White Spire, such that a new Lord of White Spire lands at around 15,000.
  • Rank Scores of existing Lords of White Spire have been shifted and compressed into the new range in a way that retains existing leaderboard positions.

Hero Changes

Juggernaut mini icon.png Juggernaut:

  • Blade fury icon.png Blade Fury:
    • Juggernaut continues to attack his current target normally while spinning.
    • Properly purges stuns, evens those applied by the hit that triggered Blade Fury.

Ogre magi mini icon.png Ogre Magi:

  • Bloodlust icon.png Bloodlust:
    • Mana cost is now 0. Cooldown is still 5 seconds.

Puck mini icon.png Puck:

  • Phase shift icon.png Phase Shift:
    • Will no longer trigger if Puck is hexed or stunned or force-attacking a target.
    • Properly purges stuns, evens those applied by the hit that triggered Phase Shift.

Razor mini icon.png Razor:

  • Plasma field icon.png Plasma Field:
    • Fixed doing extra damage to units 1 cell away (was doing 50% more damage to them than it should).
    • Fixed doing half damage to units 3 cells away.
    • Fixed applying damage to units too early while the field is contracting.

Sand king mini icon.png Sand King:

  • Caustic finale icon.png Caustic Finale:
    • Reworked: Whenever Sand King damages an enemy with an attack or ability, the target is poisoned for 3.5 seconds. When the poison expires, it bursts and deals damage and slows the attack speed of all enemies adjacent to the target. Damage is halved if the target is still alive when the poison expires.
    • Attack Slow Duration changed from 3.5 to 1.75.
    • AoE Damage if the target dies changed from [60, 110, 160] to [50, 100, 200]
    • AoE Damage on Expiration changed from [55, 100, 190] to [25, 50, 100]

Sniper mini icon.png Sniper:

  • Is now Scrappy Scrappy ii.png in addition to Deadeye Deadeye ii placeholder.png and Hunter Hunters ii.png.
  • Assassinate icon.png Assassinate:
    • Will not restart the cast if the target dies. He will simply switch to the next valid target and go from there.

Tidehunter mini icon.png Tidehunter:

  • Armor changed from 5 to 10.
  • Maximum Health changed from [850, 1700, 3400] to [1100, 2700, 5500].
  • Attack Damage Minimum changed from [45, 90, 180] to [60, 120, 250].
  • Attack Damage Maximum changed from [55, 110, 220] to [70, 150, 300].

Item Changes

Bloodthorn icon.png Bloodthorn:

  • No longer targets silenced/hexed/passive-ability units.

Helm of the undying icon.png Helm of the Undying:

  • Fixed undying units sometimes doing round damage to the opposing player.
  • Fixed Bloodseeker mini icon.png Bloodseeker both not activating the Helm but also not dying when he bleeds out (he now activates the Helm).

Refresher orb icon.png Refresher Orb:

  • In addition to its current actions, halves the remaining cooldown time of active cooldowns of allies within 1 cell and restores 25 mana to them.

Summoning stone icon.png Summoning Stone:

  • Fixed issue where the bonus health was not being applied to Arc warden mini icon.png Arc Warden's clones.

Update 2


  • Fixed Disruptor mini icon.png Disruptor Static storm.png Static Storm being overly Brawny Brawny ii.png.
  • Fixed sometimes not saving settings on mobile.
  • Misc UI fixes and improvements.
  • Fixed an issue with logging on to Steam for the first time on Android.
  • Fixed an issue with the Loot Rounds page in Season Info while in a game.
  • More improvements to Party invite UI flow.
  • Fixed Terrorblade mini icon.png Terrorblade ability tooltip using wrong numbers for attack speed.
  • Ogre magi mini icon.png Ogre Magi now has 0 max mana.