Aegis of the Immortal (Global)

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This article is about a feature that was removed from the game.

Aegis of the immortal
Aegis of the immortal (global) icon.png
Sometimes all you need is a second chance. -- Zenok, White Spire Fence
Global icon.png Global
Tier Two
When you would otherwise take fatal damage, take no damage and destroy Aegis.

Aegis of the Immortal is a Tier Two item in Dota Underlords, not to be confused with the Tier Five support item of the same name.

Change logs[edit | edit source]

December 18, 2019 Patch

  • Removed from the game.

July 12, 2019 Patch

  • Now only activates on damage that would otherwise be fatal. It no longer preserves streaks.
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